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North Providence RI

Search Format Reminders

Owner Name: Enter the last name first. Do not enter punctuation. You can enter a partial name or you can enter any phrase that is contained in the name.

Property Location: Enter the street name only and pick the correct street number from the list. Do not enter the street suffix (ROAD, DRIVE, etc.)

Plat/Lot: This is the identifier of the property used by the Tax Assessor. It must be entered exactly as it appears in the Tax Assessor's records including dashes and slashes.

Account Number: This is the unique number that is assigned to each taxpayer. It usually will appear on a tax bill or other correspondence from the Tax Assessor. You must include dashes or other punctuation if the account number has them.

This service is currently only available to customers of Vision Government Solutions. The information displayed herein is all public record.